Our Vision: A Ductless America

Our Mission: To create an organization where great people can provide great experiences while improving quality of life

Our Comfort Commandments: Honesty • Positivity • Trust • Exceptional Quality


Christopher Parker

President & General Commander

After spending many years learning how to repair and install HVAC systems, Chris started the business with a simple goal in mind… to create a place where great people can do great things for others. His passions are golf and his family, not necessarily in that order.

Peter Parker

Install Commander

Peter was recruited to join the team in 2015. With his impressive experience in the service industry, Peter motivates our install department to keep the highest quality control. Somehow, despite his demanding job, he is always smiling (although sometimes hard to tell underneath that big beard)


Jamie Brennan

Certified Comfort Advisor

Jamie, previously a successful window sales rep, left and joined us because he found a product and a company he trusted. Customers appreciate his upfront and honest attitude… sometimes it’s his British accent.

Benjamin Nicewicz

Director of New Business Relationships

Young Ben, an avid baseball player in his youth, went on an 8-month sabbatical in his early 20’s where he encountered ductless A/C & heating throughout the world. Back in the states, he found Command Comfort and joined the #DuctlessMovement


Brittany Moya-Duke

Customer Care Director

Brittany joined Command Comfort fresh out of college because she wanted to be a part of a growing company with a fun culture (typical millennial). She is a rock star and quickly proved herself to be more than capable of leading our customer care department.

Katie Norris

Customer Care Specialist

Recruited by another team member, Katie is enthusiastic and personable on the phone, helping people understand the benefits of ductless and connecting them with one of our Certified Comfort Advisors. We are lucky to have her. She loves family game night, mostly when she wins though.

Cindy Yoshizu

Office Administrator

With her background in finance and her passion to help animals, Cindy is an amazing addition to the team. Her favorite days at the office are when Chris’ dog, Burnt Bacon (aka: BB) comes to work with him for the day.


Jack Mayekawa

Certified Team Leader

Jack joined the team in 2011 while he was studying HVAC technical school in Long Beach. His background as an off-road fabricator gave him an edge at quickly becoming a fantastic technician and now our lead installer. He’s the first one to give out hugs at company meetings and events.

Paul Perez

Certified Team Leader

Paul is a “hands-on” mechanical guy who finds great pleasure in fixing things. He has been an amazing addition to our team and quickly worked his way up to being a fantastic leader. If you meet him at one of our company BBQ’s, he’ll likely be the one wearing the apron.

Jonathan Hanna

Certified Team Installer

With a strong background in electrical, Jon has expanded his skills greatly by joining the Command Comfort team. He loves installing, servicing and (occasionally) repairing ductless mini-split systems. We love his long hair.

Luis Vasquez

Team Helper

Luis left a local HVAC contractor and joined us in 2018 after deciding that, in fact, ductless was the future of heating and air conditioning. His two beautiful children are his motivation in life and thinking of them helps him through even the most difficult of days in the field.

David Conceicao

Team Helper

David is a talker and a genuinely nice guy. He is eager to learn more about the business and to be in a position where he can meet new people and help them every day. We love his positive attitude and the seemingly endless number of stories he has to share.